Q&A with Caitlyn Bryant - Employee Spotlight

The Verys Management Team asks Data Analyst, Caitlyn Bryant about work-life balance, her passion for SQL, and ultimately, what sets Verys apart from the rest.

Data Analyst

Q: What technology, apps or software do you personally enjoy using? 

A: I’m a total SQL nerd—that’s the language I’m working with daily, so for my SQL needs, I love using DataGrip. Amongst other things, DataGrip is awesome for connecting to multiple databases at once, and being able to switch amongst querying those databases easily.

Q: How do you work best? In what kind of work environment do you thrive?

A: I work best at home with my dog by my side (or sometimes, in my lap) and my television playing in the background. Music in the background works as well, as long as it’s not totally silent. Even in college, I studied best with a good amount of sound going on around me.

Q: What knowledge or skills can you personally offer your clients?

A: The strongest skill I can offer my clients is my knowledge of SQL, as well as my organization and attention to detail. I find the reason I do so well as a Data Analyst is because of all three of those skills, combined. If I had just one without the other two, or two without the other one, I don’t think I’d be nearly as good at my job as I am.

Q: How did you discover your passion for software and technology solutions?

A: I first discovered my passion for software and technology solutions, as embarrassing as this may be, back in the MySpace days. I used to write my own layouts in HTML in eighth grade, and I enjoyed it so much that I ended up creating my own MySpace layout site where others could use the layouts that I’ve written. Then, when MySpace fizzled out, I kind of forgot about how much I enjoyed coding until college when I took a couple of computer science courses. Then I took a course on data analytics and I knew that data is what I wanted to pursue. 

Q: Which project are you most proud of?

A: The project I’m most proud of is definitely with First American Mortgage Solutions, creating and managing the reports that they use for varying needs. The data team, including myself, is in charge of a large number of reports, which are constantly being modified, as requested by the business. It’s a ton of work, but so rewarding to see these reports in action.

Q: How do you help your clients find solutions to their problems?

A: I help my clients find solutions to their problems by putting myself in their shoes and trying to see the issue from their perspective. To do that, I listen to them. Then, I feel I have a better understanding of exactly what it is that they’re trying to accomplish.

Q: How has working at Verys helped shape your expertise and service?

A: While working at Verys, my knowledge in SQL and database architecture has grown exponentially. I’ve learned so much since working at Verys, while never feeling micromanaged. My manager has taught me so much, including how to communicate well with the client, while giving me the independence and freedom to learn on my own.

Q: What sets Verys apart from other companies you could have worked for?

A: The culture at Verys is unlike any other company. It’s so welcoming and fun while being full of people there to help you grow your knowledge and career. I always feel like my accomplishments are acknowledged, both big and small. It’s really an amazing community of a work environment that I had never experienced until working here.

Q: Are you currently binge-watching anything?

A: What am I not binge-watching?! I love pretty much all of the cooking shows on the Food Network, as well as all of the home shows on HGTV. I just finished binge-watching all of Succession on HBO, which is absolutely amazing. Also, reality TV is one of my guilty pleasures, so I guess I have a pretty wide range of shows that I watch now that I think about it.

Q: Who is your favorite artist(s) to listen to when working?

A: There’s so many, but I feel like the most calming songs for me to listen to while working are by the Eagles, or the Eagles Pandora station, so any similar artist. I think it’s nostalgic for me—it reminds me of when I was little.

Q: How do you spend your free time?

A: I spend my free time going on “mini-adventures” with my boyfriend (and usually our dog), which can range anywhere from going to the movies to driving up to Tahoe. I also love to do yoga in my free time. I find it’s this perfect mixture of working out and relaxing, as unbelievable as that sounds.

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