Looking to the Cloud in 2021

Move your old legacy infrastructure, on-premise data center, or any other digital assets to the cloud to enhance accessibility, security, and cost savings over time.

Every year, we make New Year’s resolutions to better ourselves and that should apply to our business, too. This year, the resolution to get behind are cloud services to accelerate your digital transformation. Here at VERYS, we are seeing cloud services boom over the past year, and we are pretty sure 2021 is going to confirm that this is the cloud’s year. Here are the reasons we think the cloud is going to be unavoidable in 2021 and what you should do about it.  

Looking Forward to Future Enterprise  

Having to upgrade legacy systems is not a new challenge. If time is passing, new technology is being developed and that is pushing the growth of software and development. The cloud is key to working with that modernization. Your business needs efficient ways to stick with the times and if you are still maintaining your servers in a physical location, it’s going to slow the whole process.  

Advancements in Security  

One glance at the news and the security of your private data should be the top priority. We talked about how software like Snowflake is changing the way cloud security is handled by implementing two-factor authentication, advanced encryption, and more. Cloud databases are coming up with better and better ways to address security and you will want to be on board from the beginning.  

Honestly, It’s Just Cheaper  

If you aren’t already, the initial setup and transfer to the cloud is going to have some overhead, but it will pay off in the long run. There are a lot of options of how you pay for the cloud services you need, instead of having to maintain expensive hardware, have the manpower to troubleshoot, and the physical location to house it. The cloud resolves all of that for you, so you can focus on your business instead of having to be IT, too—unless you are IT, then you’ll be good at that.  

Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency  

You’re probably heard that the cloud is faster, so let’s rapidly fire off a few ways that this is possible. Your team can spend time on actual development and services instead of working on maintaining servers. Your team can access your systems from anywhere; no need to be in the same physical space. Disaster recovery time is significantly decreased. The cloud has data recovery built-in which means less downtime for your business if it does happen.  


At VERYS, we pride ourselves on being cloud practitioners and keeping up with the times. Well, 2021 is looking like a growth year for the cloud and we plan on flying high. If you need help with cloud services, either setting it up or making the most of what you’ve already got, let us know. We’re excited to see where this year takes us.  

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